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About Tyco

Started in 1989,Tyco Animal Control has grown and provides regionalized services for 25 communities. Tyco Animal Control is staffed 24 hours a day by 6 Animal Control Officers, three officers are State Certified Cruelty Investigators. Officers are pager dispatched for immediate response. We work closely with both your Police and Health Officers to protect the health and welfare of your community. Our job is to protect people from animals and animals from people. Through the regionalization of multiple communities we can provide all the essential components of animal control at a reasonable cost to the municipalities served.  We have been recognized by Bergen County SPCA for Animal Control excellence.

We have two fully inspected and licensed animal shelters. We have several vehicles including a livestock trailer and disaster response trailers containing equipment to erect and maintain an on site emergency evacuation animal shelter. We provide animal adoptions, public education, and participation in the New Jersey State Spay Neuter program.

Services Provided

The handling of all species of domestic and wild animals.

  • On call 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Removal of dangerous animals
  • Enforcement of all borough ordinances
  • Impounding of stray domestic pets
  • Feral cat trapping
  • Pet redemption
  • Assist residents with nuisance wildlife
  • Pet adoption
  • Daily harassing of geese from municipal parks and fields
  • Investigation of animal cruelty complaints
  • Daily patrol of contracting municipalities
  • Removal of dead animals from public property
  • Investigation of animal complaints
Additional Services Provided for a Fee:
  • Removal of deceased pets
  • Transporting animals to the Veterinarian
  • Removal of wildlife from habitable areas
  • Trapping

Tyco Animal Control provides services tailored to meet the individual needs of each municipality.
As extenuating circumstances arise, Tyco's professional staff will fulfill your needs.

Tyco Animal Control
Phone: (201) 652-4554 * Fax: (201) 652-1426 * Email: tycoanimalcontrolservices@gmail.com

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